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The Molino del Motrotón oil mill is a second-level Valencian cooperative that was founded in 1991 and comprises seven cooperatives with a membership of more than 2,100 growers who own the olive groves that supply the mill.


The “Molino del Motrotón” oil mill is a second-level Valencian cooperative that was founded in 1991. Made up of seven cooperatives, our oil mill works with the harvests of more than 2,000 growers who tend their olive groves to obtain the best possible olive harvest every year.

Our extra-virgin olive oil represents the hard work of all these growers and their employees and complies with the strict harvesting and production regulations laid down by our Governing Council, key elements of which include the crushing of the olives on the same day they are harvested, the separation of olives gathered from the ground and from the trees, and pest control, thus ensuring a well-oiled production process and optimum storage. This quality control of the entire process enables us to produce oils with low acidity and outstanding organoleptic properties that achieve high marks from tasting panels.

What sets Molino del Rio olive oil apart from other oils?

This is an oil that is obtained from crushing fresh, healthy olives in a perfect condition that have harvested on the same day in plastic boxes or pallets. We only process olives that are harvested directly from the tree at the optimum point of ripeness, never windfalls from the ground.

The olives and the oil are subject to constant quality control from the time the olives are still growing on the trees, using pest controls with the minimum phytosanitary products. The olives are washed and crushed to obtain a uniform paste which is then churned to release the oils; finally, the paste is put through a centrifuge to separate the oil from any water, pulp or olive stones.

The resulting oil is then left to rest in stainless steel tanks, filtered to remove any traces of moisture and olives, and finally bottled.

The oil extraction is done by state-of-the-art machinery that controls production timings and maintains a cool temperature without ever allowing the oil to overheat.

This olive oil is not blended with other oils – it is the result of the individual harvests of the members of the seven cooperatives. It contains no added chemicals or seed oils; it is completely natural and made only from the olives grown in the municipalities of Turís, Yátova, Catadau, Monserrat, Llombai, Real de Montroy and Montroy. This makes it a unique olive oil with optimal organoleptic characteristics and low acidity, and has won high marks from tasting panels. In addition, its beneficial health properties make it ideal for human consumption.

Our extra-virgin olive oil has an acidity of less than 0.8º. Its aroma and flavour are reminiscent of fresh olives, apples, other fruits and grass, with a slightly bitter and spicy touch and a complete absence of defects, according to a tasting panel.

The oil is made from a coupage of different olive varieties: primarily Villalonga, Blanqueta and Picual, plus a smaller percentage of Sollana and Arbequina olives.

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